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Guy DenisThe Art gallery "La Louve" was founded in 1998. Many works of famous artists like Picasso, Ernst, Miro, Man Ray, Duchamp, Rembrandt, Goya, Redon, Rops, have been shown in the gallery based in Louftémont/Léglise (Belgium / Wallony).

We sell original prints, drawings, oils and sculptures by these well-known artists at very reasonable prices. However La Louve also promotes some young contemporary artists from several countries and organizes many exhibitions in Belgium and in France. The gallery takes part in the Art and Science Project, and in several Art Fairs. With more than 100 well-known or current artists participating, La Louve continues to expand now and to establish firmly its reputation as one of the best professional galleries in Belgium.

We are located in a typical small Walloon village lost in "La Forêt d'Anlier", Louftémont, commune de Léglise.

International art fair

Fairs la Louve which participated: LINEART/ Gand, START/ Strasbourg, ART MIAMI/ Miami, ART METZ/ Metz...

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  • test test
    24-05-2016 10:47
    très belle artiste
  • Olivier P.
    16-07-2014 15:48
    Tres bel endroit.
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